Susannah Goode
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Full Name

Susannah Goode













Cause of death

Burned at the stake


William Goode (Father)

Martha Goode (Mother)

George Goode (Brother)

Susannah Goode was a 16-year-old girl from a poor family in Wickham Village, Massachusetts Colony. She, along with her mother Martha were accused of witchcraft in 1692 and burnt at the stake which caused the Goode Fier/Fear war.


Susannah is described as a pretty girl – tall and thin with sparkling blue eyes, golden hair, creamy pale skin and dimples in her cheeks when she smiled.


Susannah was born in 1676 as the oldest child and only daughter of William and Martha Goode. Although she grew up in a poor part of Wickham Village as the daughter of a farmer, Susannah was known by the villagers as a beautiful and good-hearted girl. When she was sixteen, Susannah met and fell in love with Edward Fier, the son of the town magistrate Benjamin Fier and they began a secret romance. Edward pledged to marrying Susannah, even if it meant running away when Benjamin became aware of the relationship. When confronted by her father William that she had been seen with Edward in the woods, Susannah confessed that they were in love and he wanted to marry her. Her father tells her that Edward was already engaged to marry a young woman from Portsmouth. Susannah, although saddened, refused to give up on Edward.

Days later, Susannah and her mother were arrested by Benjamin and his officers on witchcraft. Both protested their innocence but were nonetheless found guilty and sentenced to be burned at the stake. Edward visited Susannah in her jail cell the day before her execution and offered her a chance to confess, believing his father's accusations against her. Susannah protested her innocence and Edward left her to face her fate, leaving Susannah crest-fallen at having lost the love of her life. Susannah was informed the execution would be cancelled due to a deal between William and Matthew Fier. However on the day of the execution, Susannah and her mother are burned alive due to the Fier brothers taking the Goode family's money and fleeing Wickham Village.

The ghost of Susannah Goode appeared in midst of the fire that destroyed the home of Simon and Angelica Fear, who died, along with their grandson Daniel, in the fire.