Edward Fier

Full Name

Edward Fier






1720 (presumably)



Cause of death



Benjamin Fier (Father)

Margaret Fier (Mother)

Matthew Fier (Uncle)

Mary Fier (Cousin)

Rebecca Fier (Wife)

Ezra Fier (Son)

Edward Fier was the son of Benjamin Fier, the magistrate of Wickham Village. He fell in love with a poor girl named Susannah Goode, and was in a secret relationship with her.


Edward was described as being tall, lean, well-built with long brown hair and eyes. Susannah described him as very handsome.


Edward was born in 1674 as the son of Benjamin and Margaret Fier. His mother died at some point in his early childhood. When Edward was eighteen, he met and fell in love with Susannah Goode, the daughter of an impoverished farmer. They began a secret relationship and Edward pledged to marry her no matter what. However, Benjamin had arranged for Edward to marry a young woman from Portsmouth by the name of Anne Ward which Edward refused by saying he would not marry a girl he did not know and confessed his love for Susannah. Benjamin forbade Edward from even seeing Susannah again but Edward vowed to marry Susannah even if it meant running away. Benjamin soon after had Susannah and her mother arrested on botch charges of witchcraft and Edward, unwilling to believe his father fabricated such serious accusations, abandoned Susannah to her fate when she protested her innocence.

After leaving Wickham Village, Edward settled in the western Pennsylvania frontier with his father and uncle. After ten years pass Edward married a woman named Rebecca and they had a son named Ezra. In 1710, Edward was injured while fixing the roof of the Fier house and temporarily breaks his leg. His wife and father were later found murdered and Edward became withdrawn towards his family in grief. He ultimately found out the truth about his father and uncle burning Susannah and her mother to death in order to end his romance with Susannah, and he realized William Goode murdered Rebecca and Benjamin to get revenge for the murders of his family. Edward ordered a meeting between William and Matthew to reconcile but Matthew killed William before going insane. Horrified, Edward took his son and cousin, Mary, away from Matthew. Edward moved them into a small cottage in the middle of the forest and he worked hard to provide for them but ended up dying from exhaustion.